Friday, August 29, 2008

Travel on your own or with a tour?

Summer is a great season for traveling. Long-term summer vacation gives people chance for long distance traveling. It’s a wonderful chance for busy guys who prefer traveling aboard. Traveling abroad could broaden your horizons and it may also relieve your painful memories of heavy daily works. To visit foreign countries, there are two ways; travel on your own or join a tour which offered by travel agencies.

Travel alone will take you more time on the preparation before the trip. You have to search for importations and set up your own schedule. To make sure you are going to have a wonderful trip, the former preparation got to be perfect and faultless. It is not easy to plan a trip aboard, it usually require lots of time and foreign language abilities. Most people just can’t plan a trip on their own, so they go for travel agencies. A travel agency usually offers a great numbers of foreign traveling programs which have been well-planed.

It also takes you much more money to travel alone. You have to book plane tickets and places to stay by yourself which are usually cheaper to be booked with a group of people. Scenic spots often offer lower prices of tickets and some restaurants also have discounts for tours. Although you may have to pay extra tips for guide or for tour bus, but it is still cheaper than travel on your own.

Once you join a tour, you guys are a team. You will have to fallow the rules or you may bother the others. You just can’t do what ever you won’t. The schedule is usually busy, so tourists often have to wake up early in the morning and can only spent less time in each spot. If you are traveling alone, you will be more freedom. You wake up late as you won’t and stay at a scenic spot as long as you want. You can be lazy, pleased and not in a hurry. That’s the reason why some people will rather spend more money and time to travel alone.

You can broaden your horizon in both two ways of traveling. If you are rich and lazy, you may take your time and plan a pleasant trip on your own. May be you are busy and don’t have that much money, let a travel agency help you. No matter which way you choose, just enjoy your summer vacation and don’t for get to smile.

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