Friday, December 19, 2008

Constantine the Great

Constantine, one of the greatest emperors in history, is well-known for being the first Christian Roman Emperor and issued the Edict of Milan, which announced religious toleration throughout the empire. Constantine also transformed the antique Byantium into a new prosperous residence, Constantinople, which would remain the capital of the Byzantine Empire for over a thousand years.

For political purpose, Constantine had issued the Edict of Milan so as to earn the supports from the Christian. According to the edict, Christianity became a tolerated and legal religion, therefore; the followers were no longer persecuted. The edict also returned the Church properties which were confiscated by the Roman Empire, and ruled Sunday as the day for worship. The Edict of Milan removed all obstacles to the Christian faith. From a group of followers to one of the largest religions in the world, Christianity spread and grew in a tremendous rate after the Edict of Milan was proclaimed. This edict also made the Empire officially neutral with regard to religious worship. It neither made paganism illegal nor made Christianity the state religion, but most of the edicts that Constantine had made were believe to cause great effects in the development of Christianity.

To resist the invasion from the German, Constantine moved the capital to an eastern city, Byzantium, which is easily defended. He rebuilt and extended antique Byzantium to become a brilliant region, and called Constantinople. Due to its special location, Byzantine Empire was able to make contact with wealthy eastern world and help the growth of their economy. A large among of eastern cultures were added into Roman cultures and abundant their civilization at the same time. Constantine could also protect Roman world from the aggression of eastern invaders by built up a line of defense from Constantinople.

Constantine the Great had legislated many edicts which helped the Christianity to spread out rapidly. Although the development of Constantinople he made had led to the separation of Roman, but it had also saved both Greek and Latin culture from the German. These are two of the most important contributions that Constantine had left the world.

Friday, October 17, 2008

MUN resolution

Issue: The Zimbabwe Government’s Human Right’s Record
Council: ECOSOC
Submitter: Venezuela

The Assembly of the ECOSOC,
Considering the government of Zimbabwe began to redistribute land to blacks in 2000 with a compulsory land redistribution, which caused a great number of white farmers to leave Zimbabwe, and resulted in a variety of economic problems, which deem them unable to sustain a basic living,
Noting that the Zimbabwe government has failed to deal with the economic crisis, and has refused to accept the aid offered by international organizations, but further began violent suppressions due to resistance and the escape of the people,
Aware that the abuses made and atrocities committed by the police are in an illegal and unlawful form,
Acknowledging that basic human rights such as the basic necessities of life and freedom of speech and movement are entitled to all human beings regardless of gender, race or social status,
1. Urges an effective and long-lay lasting agreement be made between ZANU-PF and MDC;
2. Calls for the Zimbabwe government to seek better living conditions for the people and to stabilize economic conditions:
(a) provide Zimbabwe citizens a variety of working opportunities;
(b) supply people living necessaries;
(c) set up complete public welfare system;
(d) establish protection for people of the law;
3. Demands the improvement of human rights for the people of Zimbabwe beyond the differences of race, gender or social status including but not limited to:
(a) freedom of the public speaking,
(b) freedom of movement and residence;
(c) freedom of assembly;
(d) basic protection of living;
4. Calls upon foreign countries to not interfere with domestic Zimbabwe affairs, and instead provide loans and relevant aid;
5. Requests the full cooperation of governments, local organizations and relevant authorities in aspects regarding the well-being, rights and dignity of the Zimbabwe people.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Travel on your own or with a tour?

Summer is a great season for traveling. Long-term summer vacation gives people chance for long distance traveling. It’s a wonderful chance for busy guys who prefer traveling aboard. Traveling abroad could broaden your horizons and it may also relieve your painful memories of heavy daily works. To visit foreign countries, there are two ways; travel on your own or join a tour which offered by travel agencies.

Travel alone will take you more time on the preparation before the trip. You have to search for importations and set up your own schedule. To make sure you are going to have a wonderful trip, the former preparation got to be perfect and faultless. It is not easy to plan a trip aboard, it usually require lots of time and foreign language abilities. Most people just can’t plan a trip on their own, so they go for travel agencies. A travel agency usually offers a great numbers of foreign traveling programs which have been well-planed.

It also takes you much more money to travel alone. You have to book plane tickets and places to stay by yourself which are usually cheaper to be booked with a group of people. Scenic spots often offer lower prices of tickets and some restaurants also have discounts for tours. Although you may have to pay extra tips for guide or for tour bus, but it is still cheaper than travel on your own.

Once you join a tour, you guys are a team. You will have to fallow the rules or you may bother the others. You just can’t do what ever you won’t. The schedule is usually busy, so tourists often have to wake up early in the morning and can only spent less time in each spot. If you are traveling alone, you will be more freedom. You wake up late as you won’t and stay at a scenic spot as long as you want. You can be lazy, pleased and not in a hurry. That’s the reason why some people will rather spend more money and time to travel alone.

You can broaden your horizon in both two ways of traveling. If you are rich and lazy, you may take your time and plan a pleasant trip on your own. May be you are busy and don’t have that much money, let a travel agency help you. No matter which way you choose, just enjoy your summer vacation and don’t for get to smile.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Is high school life all about studying?

Is high school life all about studying?

“Since you entered this school, you should pay all your concentration on your school works, but any other activities. Study hard, so as to enter an advanced university. Treasured your time, don’t waste it on anything unmeaningful.” said our homeroom teacher. He considered that students’ main work in current stage is all about studying and we shouldn’t waste our time on students’ associations or other activities. Is it right for students? Is it really what the government’s education system actually wants? I believe not.

Taiwan's education system cause the result that study hard gives a better life when grown up. People are taught to study hard so that their future will be brighter and wider since they were still very young. Kids are educated as a study and test machine. They spent most of their childhood with books in order to get into better school and earn a better job. Due to this kind of education system, most of the leadership of Taiwan including power and economical ability were seized in these people who are good at studying and having test. The country's destiny where control by these minority people. How can they run the whole country with the only ability of studying? The society can't be organize by a flock of peolpe like this. This will be a serious problem of our eduacation system. The text book can't afford what we need to learn. Learning shouldn't be all about reading text book.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Should students be divided into different schools by gender?

Many of the high schools in Taiwan are gendered. Some schools are filled by only boys and some are all girls without a boy. Why do these schools try to decrease the opportunities for students to socialize with the opposite gender? Is it right for modern students? Some of the multitudes believe that it was the right policy while others disagree with it. The pro side thinks students in this age should pay all their attention on school works and the socializing with opposite sex will disturb their concentration. The con side considers the society is organized by both male and female. We should learn how to treat all kinds of people.

In the high school years, most teenagers are interesting in the opposite gender. Students are eager to figure out what are those in their mind and try hard to socialize with them. Some of the teenagers even fell in love in this age, but the main work in the current stage is believe as studying. Spending time on the premature affections is considered as time-wasting. Some school decide to admit to only boys or only girls to decrease the contact between boys and girls, so as to rise the effect of studying. Also, some students just too care about others’ perspective of them so they couldn’t show their entire personality in the class or during learning. It might also become an obstacle when learning.

But the real society is not only run by a single gender. There are a great number of misunderstandings between different genders in the society. These might be caused by the policy that students lose the chance to communicate with different genders. The society might become unhealthy if people don’t know how to deal with the opposite gender. Boys and girls own very different personality, both of them can offer you requirement as a friend. Making friends with both genders can help us built a sturdier character.

Accroding to my opinion, I don’t think divided boys and girls into different school is a good ideal. Life is not all about studying. We should also learn how to communicate with people and learn how to keep in touch with the world. It is true that some students will be disturbed by socializing with the opposite gender, but it can be one of the tests too. The society doesn’t need a person who can only study but without will and awful social function. Because of these reasons, I expect a high school life which is filled with both males and females.

In conclusion, there are still lots of single-gendered school today. People have different opinions about it. But there are also some schools take in both boys and girls, plus the government doesn’t prescribe which school you are going to. If the gender problem really bothers you, you can still make your own choice. Some schools was limited by their along history. You can try hard to change it or change yourself, it depends on you.

Friday, August 1, 2008

1st Post

Hello my name is Samson. This is my first post.