Friday, October 17, 2008

MUN resolution

Issue: The Zimbabwe Government’s Human Right’s Record
Council: ECOSOC
Submitter: Venezuela

The Assembly of the ECOSOC,
Considering the government of Zimbabwe began to redistribute land to blacks in 2000 with a compulsory land redistribution, which caused a great number of white farmers to leave Zimbabwe, and resulted in a variety of economic problems, which deem them unable to sustain a basic living,
Noting that the Zimbabwe government has failed to deal with the economic crisis, and has refused to accept the aid offered by international organizations, but further began violent suppressions due to resistance and the escape of the people,
Aware that the abuses made and atrocities committed by the police are in an illegal and unlawful form,
Acknowledging that basic human rights such as the basic necessities of life and freedom of speech and movement are entitled to all human beings regardless of gender, race or social status,
1. Urges an effective and long-lay lasting agreement be made between ZANU-PF and MDC;
2. Calls for the Zimbabwe government to seek better living conditions for the people and to stabilize economic conditions:
(a) provide Zimbabwe citizens a variety of working opportunities;
(b) supply people living necessaries;
(c) set up complete public welfare system;
(d) establish protection for people of the law;
3. Demands the improvement of human rights for the people of Zimbabwe beyond the differences of race, gender or social status including but not limited to:
(a) freedom of the public speaking,
(b) freedom of movement and residence;
(c) freedom of assembly;
(d) basic protection of living;
4. Calls upon foreign countries to not interfere with domestic Zimbabwe affairs, and instead provide loans and relevant aid;
5. Requests the full cooperation of governments, local organizations and relevant authorities in aspects regarding the well-being, rights and dignity of the Zimbabwe people.

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