Thursday, August 7, 2008

Should students be divided into different schools by gender?

Many of the high schools in Taiwan are gendered. Some schools are filled by only boys and some are all girls without a boy. Why do these schools try to decrease the opportunities for students to socialize with the opposite gender? Is it right for modern students? Some of the multitudes believe that it was the right policy while others disagree with it. The pro side thinks students in this age should pay all their attention on school works and the socializing with opposite sex will disturb their concentration. The con side considers the society is organized by both male and female. We should learn how to treat all kinds of people.

In the high school years, most teenagers are interesting in the opposite gender. Students are eager to figure out what are those in their mind and try hard to socialize with them. Some of the teenagers even fell in love in this age, but the main work in the current stage is believe as studying. Spending time on the premature affections is considered as time-wasting. Some school decide to admit to only boys or only girls to decrease the contact between boys and girls, so as to rise the effect of studying. Also, some students just too care about others’ perspective of them so they couldn’t show their entire personality in the class or during learning. It might also become an obstacle when learning.

But the real society is not only run by a single gender. There are a great number of misunderstandings between different genders in the society. These might be caused by the policy that students lose the chance to communicate with different genders. The society might become unhealthy if people don’t know how to deal with the opposite gender. Boys and girls own very different personality, both of them can offer you requirement as a friend. Making friends with both genders can help us built a sturdier character.

Accroding to my opinion, I don’t think divided boys and girls into different school is a good ideal. Life is not all about studying. We should also learn how to communicate with people and learn how to keep in touch with the world. It is true that some students will be disturbed by socializing with the opposite gender, but it can be one of the tests too. The society doesn’t need a person who can only study but without will and awful social function. Because of these reasons, I expect a high school life which is filled with both males and females.

In conclusion, there are still lots of single-gendered school today. People have different opinions about it. But there are also some schools take in both boys and girls, plus the government doesn’t prescribe which school you are going to. If the gender problem really bothers you, you can still make your own choice. Some schools was limited by their along history. You can try hard to change it or change yourself, it depends on you.

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