Friday, August 15, 2008

Is high school life all about studying?

Is high school life all about studying?

“Since you entered this school, you should pay all your concentration on your school works, but any other activities. Study hard, so as to enter an advanced university. Treasured your time, don’t waste it on anything unmeaningful.” said our homeroom teacher. He considered that students’ main work in current stage is all about studying and we shouldn’t waste our time on students’ associations or other activities. Is it right for students? Is it really what the government’s education system actually wants? I believe not.

Taiwan's education system cause the result that study hard gives a better life when grown up. People are taught to study hard so that their future will be brighter and wider since they were still very young. Kids are educated as a study and test machine. They spent most of their childhood with books in order to get into better school and earn a better job. Due to this kind of education system, most of the leadership of Taiwan including power and economical ability were seized in these people who are good at studying and having test. The country's destiny where control by these minority people. How can they run the whole country with the only ability of studying? The society can't be organize by a flock of peolpe like this. This will be a serious problem of our eduacation system. The text book can't afford what we need to learn. Learning shouldn't be all about reading text book.


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