Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bad Girls

I am such a nice guy that I rarely hate a person, especially girls. To me, most girls are considerate and mild, but there are still girls with bad manners, awful dressing styles, and terrible behaviors exist whom are less than I can endure.

Every day after the school, there are always lots of schoolgirls and young women come across me when I am on the way to cram school. Some of them have their face covered with excessive make-up and dyed their hair into strange colors. These young girls who spruced themselves up in these kinds of styles real make me feel ill. In my opinion, teenagers should be clean and energetic, but these people looked like they have been taking drug for a long time. Sometimes, I will see some girls sitting impolitely on motorbikes beside the street, talking loudly rudely and also smoking. No matter they are pretty or not, their have ruined their own image.

I hate someone who is hypocritical or pretended. It seems they are so cute, mild, and gentle on the surface, but there is another story inside their mind. It is really frightful to associate with this kind of girls. I will never get what they are truly thinking in their mind. Some girls like to act and talk as if they are only three years old, pretending they are cute and young. Unfortunately, they make people think of they are idiots.

Beauties are usually favorable, therefore; some of them are really selfish. They only think of themselves and never cherish what others do for them because they have been taking good care for a long time. Some beauties order others to do something for their own profits, while some play sentimental tricks. These behaviors are really disgusting. I especially hate those who trick others feelings. It’s beyond forgiveness.

Girls with weird outfit, poor deportment, and hypocritical personality are beyond my bearing. Fortunately, most of the girls I know are kind and mild. Still, I should learn how to associate with these bad girls because there are all kinds of people with all kinds of personalities in the world. Since it is unavoidable to face these people, I better learn to deal with them.


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